my extra long weekend

Okey and I drove over to Six Meadows in Ohio on Friday where he completed the fence for Duncan.  He added the last gates to the fence on Saturday and secured any remaining escape routes on Sunday.  Now the little beagle will be able to enjoy the outdoors without getting lost on the scent of a ‘coon or deer.

The two newest farmcats made their presence known.  Before you feel too bad for the one in the tree, she climbed up there herself before Susie even had a chance to see her.

Today, we took advantage of Columbus Day being a federal holiday.  It was a beautiful day to go out on the Occoquan River one last time this year.  Susie was a good passenger, but she would get worried when she couldn’t see Okey.  Thankfully, she would sit back down and never jumped out.  It was wonderful to see all the birds along the river.  We saw mallards, loons, gulls, ospreys, geese and great blue herons.


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