a summary of my time in the windy city

I had an amazing time in Chicago.  I ate out a lot, and I ate a lot.  I definitely recommend Goose Island Brewery in Lincoln Park which has an impressive selection of traditional and inventive styles of crafted beers.  And the food there is remarkable.  We split our plates and had lamb burger with sweet potato fries, duck wontons (yum!), and pulled pork with potato salad.

I was excited to return to Lula Cafe in Logan Square.  Marji and I split our brunch so we could get something sweet (brioche French toast) as well as something salty (breakfast burrito, my absolute favourite thing on the menu).  I also ate at Treat which is an Indian restaurant in Humboldt Park.  I would not recommend bringing small children there because of some of the very odd paintings canvasing their walls.  I wasn’t terribly impressed with my entrée (salmon on couscous), but the appetizers were very savory and everyone else seemed to enjoy their meals (leg of lamb, chicken tiki masala, gnocci).

When I wasn’t dining out, I was feasting in.  My sisters, they can cook!  The eldest sister has a first edition of At Blanchard’s Table:  A Trip to the Beach Cookbook that she created some very tasty sides, main dishes and desserts from.  I am still drooling over the fresh fruit compote.  My middle sister made a pasta dish that made me wonder if we weren’t somehow Italian.  (We’re not.)

I am glad that I packed my running shoes.  I still feel guilty from everything that I indulged myself in, so I’m very thankful for this cooler weather which makes running more enjoyable.

I had a wonderful time with my sisters and their families.  It was also nice to see a lot of friendly and familiar faces at Marji’s birthday party.  The time spent with everyone was good although too short.

No travelling post would be complete without photographs.  Here are some random pictures from Logan Square and Treat:

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