the plane that thought it could

Thursday was a “Chicago or bust” kind of day. Here is an excerpt from United Flight #395’s status updates if it had a Twitter feed:

8:30 am Flight possibly delayed or cancelled due to tornado watch.
1:00 pm Tornado watch lifted.
3:00 pm Due to overbooking of passengers, new airplane assigned to fly to Chicago.
3:04 pm Scheduled departure time.
3:12 pm New plane is towed to gate.
3:30 pm Last of passengers are boarded.
3:57 pm Take off delayed due to broken bathroom door; it won’t shut.
4:30 pm Plane backs away from gate and prepares for take-off.
4:34 pm Flight management computer down. Needs remote fix from San Francisco.
4:45 pm Queued up for takeoff.
4:46 pm Delayed due to heavy rains
4:59 pm Queued up on another runway because winds had shifted.
5:13 pm Scheduled arrival time.
5:15 pm Finally en route to Chicago.
5:16 pm Bathroom door slid open.
6:35 pm Actual arrival time.

(All times EST and approximate.)


3 thoughts on “the plane that thought it could

  1. I want to know when you are going to have a Raleigh-or-bust kinda day. Now that the weather is more tolerable you can come and visit me. (You can bring your fam).

    • I would love to visit you and yours soon, but I’d rather leave out the “or bust” part! Let’s discuss this tomorrow. We’re going to possibly the final museum meeting this evening.

      • I guess I missed you yesterday. I am going to be kinda busy this weekend. Steve has a friend visiting this evening and my parents will be here on Friday. (And this afternoon I have cleaning and grocery shopping to do of course). Maybe we can chat Monday. I want to hear how your meeting goes.

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