my knitting nook

As you know, I have been busy working on making many of these:


And I’ve also been working on this:

My Cables in Squares Throw by Redheart

So I have had to work on a way to organize my knitting, and I came up with this:

Knitting Nook

I am a fan of rearranging what you already have to improve functionality in your home.  (That’s a nice way of stating that I stole a bookcase from Okey’s office.)  This bookcase with doors will be the perfect home for my ever growing stash of yarn and knitting books!

Now I just have to get back to working on this:

Square Shawl

What tips do you have for storing your hobbies?


4 thoughts on “my knitting nook

  1. This looks a lot better than my stash, which is at least not spread across three states anymore, but is now kept in one ugly gray tote, overflowing into a re-useable shopping bag, kept inside a basket. The basket is pretty but it just won’t hold enough yarn and paraphernalia. You inspire me with your organization. Can I hire you as my consultant?

  2. Here is the tote bag I use for knitting on the go:

    I love REI; they had this marked down to $5! It’s not a true knitting bag as it doesn’t have any pockets. I use the tulipa box (shown in the shawl picture) to hold my measuring tape, scissors (or fingernail clippers if I’m flying), and extra yarn that I may use as stitch markers or lifelines. It is made from sturdy canvas so I don’t have to worry about the needle points sticking through.

    My current project is kept in that silver bucket which I take down to use when I’m watching television or dump into the Life is Good tote bag if I’m on the go.

    This system is only a few days old, so you might not want to let me consult you until it’s been proven effective!

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  4. I just logged on to see your knitting nook again. I’ve got to come up with something similar. Dozens of plastic bags are not stylish or conservative of space. Trying to get some control over the stash this weekend.


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