knitting news

I am taking a break from knitting gifts for the snowstorm babies and started on a project for myself! Here’s a stock image of the throw I’m making:

Cables in Squares Throw by Redheart

Mine is going to look a little different as I picked a creamy white, a baby boy blue and a shimmery charcoal.  I’m knitting this on the largest needles I own, US 15 – about the size of drumsticks, and the project is going pretty quickly.


3 thoughts on “knitting news

  1. I like this one. I’m pretty sure your colors will be better than the example though. Do you make the blocks and sew together or knit one onto the other as you go? And finally, are you using Redhart?

  2. Yes, Sarah, I did select Redheart yarns for this project. I don’t know if it was out of obligation or simply chance that I purchased Redheart over another brand. (I actually had to check my labels to see whose yarn I was using.) As for the construction of the throw, it will be made in five panels. I will take a picture to show you.


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