california, take two

Okey and I are finally in the land of smiling hippies. We left home at 3:30 EST this morning so needless to say we are exhausted. That hasn’t stopped us from making the most of our day though. Okey popped out to go to work for a couple of hours, and I crossed the street to soak my toes at the beach.

Attached are some pictures of the very sandy Doheny State Beach. As you can see, it is impossible to sit on some of the benches. And if you want to play horseshoes, you’d better bring a shovel!

Unfortunately, the Hoff was nowhere to be seen as all of the lifeguard towers were closed.

I’m devastated that we forgot the good camera. Hopefully, the iPhones will step it up as we have a full itinerary this weekend.

It is much warmer here in Los Angeles than up in San Francisco. It’s a wonderfully comfortable 81 degrees!! I think I might actually get to swim in the Pacific Ocean after all this year.


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