getting ready for chicago

Shorts or jeans, tee-shirts or sweaters? Will I regret not bringing my raincoat? These are the questions I’m asking myself as I prepare for another weekend get away. I don’t know what to pack because Chicago is just so “temperamental” this time of year!

My sister says I can borrow her clothes if need be, but she’s a few sizes smaller than me so I don’t think it’ll work out. (Poor thing got hand-me-downs and hand-me-ups…) I think I am going to have to suck it up and check in a bag.

Ok, now I’ve got to figure out my accessories.  iPhone or laptop?   Circular needles (my shawl) or straights (more bibs)?  Girl with a Dragon Tattoo or When Jesus Became God?

my knitting nook

As you know, I have been busy working on making many of these:


And I’ve also been working on this:

My Cables in Squares Throw by Redheart

So I have had to work on a way to organize my knitting, and I came up with this:

Knitting Nook

I am a fan of rearranging what you already have to improve functionality in your home.  (That’s a nice way of stating that I stole a bookcase from Okey’s office.)  This bookcase with doors will be the perfect home for my ever growing stash of yarn and knitting books!

Now I just have to get back to working on this:

Square Shawl

What tips do you have for storing your hobbies?

dana point harbor panorama

Thanks to the power of Twitter, I came across this beautiful time lapse video, The Unseen Sea, by Simon Christen (via @wilw via @paulandstorm via @leeunkrich).  It just shows the beautiful city of San Francisco under a sea of clouds.  I wonder what his time lapse rate is…  When Jenna and I were up at Coit Tower, the clouds were blowing by pretty fast as it was.

Anyway, I finally got around to installing the software that came with my new Nikon L22.  (Awesome camera, awesome software.) Check out this photograph which was stitched together from six separate photographs:

Dana Point Harbor

I think Okey and I might be fighting over who gets to play with the point and shoot this weekend for the Search & Snap scavenger hunt.  Our poor little Nikon D60 is going to feel unloved.

Edited on September 22, 2010 at 2:01 EST: I found a video I took at Coit Tower where the clouds were breezing by awfully fast: Nothing like Simon Christen’s video.  I can’t even get the orientation right!  Haha!

knitting news

I am taking a break from knitting gifts for the snowstorm babies and started on a project for myself! Here’s a stock image of the throw I’m making:

Cables in Squares Throw by Redheart

Mine is going to look a little different as I picked a creamy white, a baby boy blue and a shimmery charcoal.  I’m knitting this on the largest needles I own, US 15 – about the size of drumsticks, and the project is going pretty quickly.

spam, anyone?

I logged into my email this evening and got this apology from Facebook:

"Getting back onto Facebook"

It just reeks of spam to me.  I mean, spam prevention 101 teaches you to never respond to an e-mail prompting you to enter your password.  What other clues do you see that would indicate that this is a fraudulent e-mail? (You might have to click on the picture to make it bigger.)

I need to be honest and answer your question about giving up my personal Facebook account.  Yes, I did do that.  I did set up, however, an administrative account for organizing my Search and Snap events.  This e-mail was directed to that account.