striking my goals

Last year was an amazing year for the Gutter Rats at the Christian Fellowship League. We bowled against many amazing teams. We bounced in and out of first place all year long, seeming to always lose it back to the Stone Rollers. At the last game, we finally prevailed winning overall first place in the league.

My goal for this year is to improve my average to 150. My established average is a pitiful 113… so thanks for last year’s fantastic win really goes to Okey and Dan. The only credit I can take is for keeping them humble in second place for as long as I could.

With practice and patience, I am sure I can get to my goal. I am looking forward to reuniting with my old team (albeit without Rodge). I was excited to see all the other friendly faces at tonight’s meeting. I can feel it’ll be another great year.


3 thoughts on “striking my goals

  1. Haha, thanks! We’re two weeks in and find ourselves in the middle of the pack. It’s not about winning, though. It’s about having a nice evening out of the house with some special people.

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