my three blogs

Let me break down my three blogs for you.

My first blog is Vin in Va.  I want to keep that blog separate from my personal blog because Vin in Va is specifically about my tasting experiences at the Virginian wineries.  (Sometimes I leave the state so I will write about the wineries I visit out-of-state, too.)  I would like to go to all of the wineries in Virginia in my lifetime.  I’ve got plenty of material to work with here!  There are over 140, and if I space the project out over ten years, then I have to go to 14 a year.  This is a good project and will be focused just on the wineries.  I will also try to not use any run-on sentences there.  Tip top grammar only!

My favorite project is Search and Snap.  This is the modern scavenger hunt for a digital age.  I am learning to take better photographs.  I am encouraging my friends and their friends to do the same by creating a themed list of items to be photographed and giving a limited amount of time to capture everything digitally.  It’s a site for other people’s creativity, and I’m merely a facilitator, so I am trying my best to not let my essence take over that site.

Here on this blog I am more casual and relaxed.  I will write about the topic I know best:  me.  On Polly’s Blog, you will get more than a “status” update.  Instead, I will update you on something that interests me.  Unfortunately for you, I am not limited by 140 characters.  😛  I don’t want to limit myself on this blog so I won’t even type potential subjects.

Hopefully it makes sense to you that these three blogs and writing personas are kept separate.  Thank you for taking the time to read this and maybe my other blogs too.


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