facebook, fare thee well

Today, I took a bold step and clicked on this link to delete “my” Facebook account.  I say “my” loosely because of Facebook’s ever changing privacy settings and big brother practices.  I had contemplating quitting for a while but finally decided to make the leap.  Just recently, I was prompted with facial recognition software to identify my friends that I had not tagged in photographs.  The last straw is Facebook “Places.”  It’ll be difficult trying to find something to fill the void…  I hope to be reading more books, knitting more gifts, and picking on my banjo a little bit more.

I still want to reach out to my friends in the world so this will be, can I say it, my new home.


4 thoughts on “facebook, fare thee well

  1. Good job! Yeah, I started deleting all the people I don’t remember or never talk to and are just in my “blocked” folders. I check my settings every couple weeks and keep an active fight against “big brother” while only saying things that couldn’t be held against me. There are some people (like my brother) that only talks to me by Facebook, so I think I’ll stick around with it for a while.

  2. I know what you mean. It’s the only way I stayed connected to some people. In the end, I just made sure they knew how to reach me and then I cut the cord. I’m sincerely hoping life will be simpler.

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