striking my goals

Last year was an amazing year for the Gutter Rats at the Christian Fellowship League. We bowled against many amazing teams. We bounced in and out of first place all year long, seeming to always lose it back to the Stone Rollers. At the last game, we finally prevailed winning overall first place in the league.

My goal for this year is to improve my average to 150. My established average is a pitiful 113… so thanks for last year’s fantastic win really goes to Okey and Dan. The only credit I can take is for keeping them humble in second place for as long as I could.

With practice and patience, I am sure I can get to my goal. I am looking forward to reuniting with my old team (albeit without Rodge). I was excited to see all the other friendly faces at tonight’s meeting. I can feel it’ll be another great year.

my three blogs

Let me break down my three blogs for you.

My first blog is Vin in Va.  I want to keep that blog separate from my personal blog because Vin in Va is specifically about my tasting experiences at the Virginian wineries.  (Sometimes I leave the state so I will write about the wineries I visit out-of-state, too.)  I would like to go to all of the wineries in Virginia in my lifetime.  I’ve got plenty of material to work with here!  There are over 140, and if I space the project out over ten years, then I have to go to 14 a year.  This is a good project and will be focused just on the wineries.  I will also try to not use any run-on sentences there.  Tip top grammar only!

My favorite project is Search and Snap.  This is the modern scavenger hunt for a digital age.  I am learning to take better photographs.  I am encouraging my friends and their friends to do the same by creating a themed list of items to be photographed and giving a limited amount of time to capture everything digitally.  It’s a site for other people’s creativity, and I’m merely a facilitator, so I am trying my best to not let my essence take over that site.

Here on this blog I am more casual and relaxed.  I will write about the topic I know best:  me.  On Polly’s Blog, you will get more than a “status” update.  Instead, I will update you on something that interests me.  Unfortunately for you, I am not limited by 140 characters.  😛  I don’t want to limit myself on this blog so I won’t even type potential subjects.

Hopefully it makes sense to you that these three blogs and writing personas are kept separate.  Thank you for taking the time to read this and maybe my other blogs too.

counting back nine months

Jenna and I had dinner last night!  Yeah, yeah, so what, you think.  Do I need to remind you she doesn’t live in Virginia anymore?  You might also be thinking that Jenna is my only friend because she’s the only one I’ve mentioned so far on this blog.  But I digress…   She had to fly in for a work related meeting for the day, and it was really exciting that we got to meet up afterwards.  Anyway, she brought up a particular point that I am going to share with you.  Yes, all that just to say that the following was not my original idea.

(Almost) Everybody’s having babies in a few weeks because of the snowstorms we had last year.  I laughed at the realization that this is true.

One girl at church just had her baby, at least three more at church that I know of are expecting.  Three cousins are expecting soon, too.  Oh, and a neighbor!

What about me?  Not this go around, I’m afraid.  Am I a little bummed that I didn’t get the memo that babies are supposed to be made in the snowy season?  Definitely not.  🙂  I’ve had a wonderfully busy summer and from all I’ve heard, it’s just plain uncomfortable to be pregnant in 100 degree weather.

This past weekend, I finally got to meet my newest and littlest nephew.  (He was born ahead of the snowstorm babies.)  He is such a joy to hold and cuddle.  I can’t wait to see him and his big girl sister again in a couple of weeks.

I’m praying for each of the new little blessings being given to all of my friends and family.  God is good.

facebook, fare thee well

Today, I took a bold step and clicked on this link to delete “my” Facebook account.  I say “my” loosely because of Facebook’s ever changing privacy settings and big brother practices.  I had contemplating quitting for a while but finally decided to make the leap.  Just recently, I was prompted with facial recognition software to identify my friends that I had not tagged in photographs.  The last straw is Facebook “Places.”  It’ll be difficult trying to find something to fill the void…  I hope to be reading more books, knitting more gifts, and picking on my banjo a little bit more.

I still want to reach out to my friends in the world so this will be, can I say it, my new home.