day seven

Today was an adventure! Before we left Redding, Jenna and I toured the Shasta Dam and hydro-electric power plant. This is the second largest dam in mass. It created a beautiful lake which showcases Mount Shasta beautifully. I took photos with my secondary camera so they will be uploaded when I get home.

Speaking of photos, I can’t wait to get 400+ off the Nikon and 50+ off the Sony! The iPhone is a perfect on the go camera but doesn’t do justice to the beauty found here in Northern California.

After surviving the typical potential hazards of California such as earthquakes, wildfires, tsunamis, widow makers (limbs from redwood trees that fall and kill people – see image), we decided to go see another dangerous phenomenon. We drove into Lassen Volcanic National Park and enjoyed majestic views of Brokeoff Mountain/Volcano! If you are reading this, then we have survived another potential disaster.

Behind me in the second picture is Manzanita Lake with Lassen Peak further in the background. We ended up driving through the whole park and stopped for a few hikes as well as a chance for a quick snowball fight in July!


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