day three, part one

We got up “early” today at 6:30 (9:30 EST). How nice it is to sleep in but be awake before anyone else!

We took public transportation to our 5k race in the Golden Gate National Park successfully. Jenna had never rode on public transportation before, and I normally get on the wrong bus… Fortunately while waiting for a transfer, we met a nice man sporting his running shorts and shoes. He was a regular runner at the race and showed us how to get there. So many people here are really nice; it’s so refreshing!

We ran down Kennedy Drive and saw the California Academy of Sciences (beautiful architecture), a lovely botanical garden, some other pretty things, and of course the waterfall. The waterfall was under a large hill with a giant cross statue signifying the first sermon in English to be done on that coast.

My finish time was 31:10. A personal best! I’m happy because I shaved six minutes off from my first race (37:02). Jenna finished at 44:50. We were both awarded ribbons for finishing.


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