day two

Did you know that the first lighthouse on the west coast was in San Francisco, built on a barren rock now known as Alcatraz Island? A civil war fort was built on the same island and it later became the famous prison. Native American Indians took it over as a demonstration for more land to be returned to them. It is now a beautiful national park and definitely worth carving out time to explore when in San Francisco.

The educational part of our trip ended when we left the rock.

For lunch, I had a smoked salmon on bannock. Bannock is a local Native American bread which tasted like a biscuit to me. Afterwards, we saw our first sea lions. Very neat, very loud.

Jenna and I continued to explore and walked to Chinatown. Thanks to Marji’s tips, I was able to order the sweet, starchy “white snowball” treat filled with bean paste like a pro at the Golden Gate Bakery. (“One mochi please!”)

We’ve got another long and active day tomorrow. Hopefully our feet will be recovered enough so we can run our 5Ks!


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