day one

Jenna and I both landed within thirty minutes of each other at SFO and met up relatively quickly after realizing we were in different terminals. (“I’m at baggage claim one, where are you?” “No, I’m at baggage claim one, where are you?”)

After checking in, we spent the rest of our day at Fisherman’s Wharf walking along the bay, hiking up some steep inclines, near Russian Hill, watching cars wind down Lombardo Street. I think we’ve got our bearings.

We had dinner at the Boudin Bakery at Pier 39 which is well known for their sourdough. I am learning that my food options (at the wharf) are very limited due to my shellfish allergies. It will be a challenge to find good, healthy and economical meals here.

The weather is cold. I’m glad that I packed many long sleeve shirts and options for layers, but with the highest possible temp of 67′, I am realizing I needn’t have packed any shorts!


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