getting ready for San Francisco

Hiking boots, running shoes, shorts, teeshirts and sweaters.  Two pairs of swimsuits.  Evening dress.  Books, knitting needles and my iPhone.  Tent, blanket and sleeping bag.

The itinerary is set. The hotel rooms and campsites are booked.  I’ve even purchased the tickets to Alcatraz.  My trip to San Francisco with Jenna is starting to pull together.

We are splurging and plan to stay down in the Fisherman’s Wharf which is kind of pricy.  I had scored a good price on a rental car (Toyota RAV4 or similar) but decided to modify the reservation dates after learning we’d have to shell out $45/night just to park it overnight at the hotel.  I contacted the rental car company and negotiated a different deal on a different car but changed my mind after realizing saving $20 overall while depending on shuttle rides just wasn’t worth it.  When the agent re-entered my original reservation, he discovered that he could save me $43 dollars.  Same RAV4 or similar, same dates, same insurance plan, only a better rate!

I look forward to the many unexpected and pleasant surprises on this trip, to the time spent with a dear friend, and honestly, a vacation from this heat wave!


2 thoughts on “getting ready for San Francisco

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