home sweet home

I’ve been home a few days, resting and adjusting back to the Eastern Standard Time.  The laundry’s done, and most importantly, the pics from my trip to California are up here!  🙂 


day nine

Jenna and I parted ways where we met, at the AirTran shuttle. I’m so happy with how much we accomplished on this trip.

We didn’t do it all. Mostly because we couldn’t, so that leaves places to see and things to do the next time. I guess my only regret was not seeing the sun set on the Pacific Ocean this trip, but it was almost always overcast here so there was no window of opportunity.

I’m looking forward to my return to home comforts and most of all seeing Okey!

I had a great travel companion and wonderful friend on this trip, Jenna. Thanks!!!

day eight and goofs

There was an earthquake in the early hours this morning!!! Too bad I wasn’t at home to experience it…

This morning we went to Del Dotto Winery in Napa Valley! The wines here are definitely a different caliber compared to those found in New York and Virginia which are generally sweeter, fruitier and cheaper.

After returning our camping gear to REI, we drove down to our final hotel for the vacation. All in all, we have had an extremely active and amazing week in California.

Here is a list of things I didn’t want to share with my family so they wouldn’t worry for me (un)necessarily. Since the trip is nearly over, here it is:

1. Lost valet card needed to retrieve rental car
2. Majorly stubbed left toe on uneven sidewalk
3. Left credit card at restaurant
4. Shut car door on cell phone losing it temporarily (but didn’t damage it!)

I can’t wait to head home tomorrow and see the hubby!!

day seven

Today was an adventure! Before we left Redding, Jenna and I toured the Shasta Dam and hydro-electric power plant. This is the second largest dam in mass. It created a beautiful lake which showcases Mount Shasta beautifully. I took photos with my secondary camera so they will be uploaded when I get home.

Speaking of photos, I can’t wait to get 400+ off the Nikon and 50+ off the Sony! The iPhone is a perfect on the go camera but doesn’t do justice to the beauty found here in Northern California.

After surviving the typical potential hazards of California such as earthquakes, wildfires, tsunamis, widow makers (limbs from redwood trees that fall and kill people – see image), we decided to go see another dangerous phenomenon. We drove into Lassen Volcanic National Park and enjoyed majestic views of Brokeoff Mountain/Volcano! If you are reading this, then we have survived another potential disaster.

Behind me in the second picture is Manzanita Lake with Lassen Peak further in the background. We ended up driving through the whole park and stopped for a few hikes as well as a chance for a quick snowball fight in July!

day six

After agreeing that neither of us could bear to look at another redwood tree, we packed up our gear and headed East. We drove through the Shasta Cascade. We saw several snow capped mountains in the distance and saw Mount Shasta once we got to Redding which is home to the Sundial Bridge.

Our goal is to find a roof over our heads near Redding tonight and to venture to Lassen Volcanic National Park tomorrow.

It’s nice to be out in the sunshine even though it is 100 degrees. I’m excited I will get to wear shorts before we return to San Francisco on Friday.

day five addendum

We ate at Lost Coast Brewery last night. And if you ever find yourself in Eureka… make sure to eat here! The menu didn’t offer many entrees, but the unique sandwich selection was impressive. I had the portabella and spinach quesadilla with the beer sampler.

I didn’t care for any of their fruit beers. Not that they were bad, just not my preference. I enjoyed their downtown nutty brown ale and their eight ball stout the best.